Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Bionic Turtle

I will do almost anything to be able to ride. My second ride I went back to the same bike trail but a different section - I thought it was a paved section but I was wrong. This section was worse than the first, it was mostly railroad ballast size stones and it was over grown and very hard to ride on. I was however determine and managed to ride about 6 miles - it took me 4 hours but I did it.
I was beginning to believe that I was just going to be very very slow but as long as I could ride it would be OK. While researching trikes before I bought the Tour I ran across something I had never heard of - Electrical Assisted Bicycle - with my current experiences to date I began to think that is it would work on the trike it might let me ride faster and longer distances also I felt at the time I would always be riding alone because I could not image riding with others when I was riding so slowly. With some of my health issues I also thought it might be sort of a safety thing - giving me the ability to get back from a ride if I got sick out there. ( It has gotten me out of trouble three times so far, twice when I got sick and one when my chain broke)
After some research I ordered a Bionx 350PL system with a 20" wheel. It took me a good deal of work to figure out how to mount the battery but I did and everything seemed to work just fine. I rode it around my neighborhood a little but it was dark and I did not have a light on the trike - then the weather turn bad and it was several days before I could ride.

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