Friday, December 18, 2009


OK - my replacement seat frame came in Wednesday as did the long awaited 26" rear wheel conversion kit. Terratrike honnored the life time warranty on my trike even thought they know that I am now at the weight limit of the trike and when I first got it I was 50 pounds over the weight limit. They did tell me they were sending em a ChroMolly seat frame instead of the aluminum like the Tour comes with. I did not even know they had a ChroMolly frame but since it should be stornger it was fine with me. The aluminum frame weights 1.98 pounds and the ChroMolly frame weights 4.64 pounds so I have a net gain of 2.66 pounds. Other wise the frame look the same. It took me two nights to remove the seat frame remove the Bionx battery mount from the original frame put the Bionx battery mount on the new ChroMolly frame, put it back on the trike with the original seat cover and to install the 26" rear wheel modification kit with a 26" Bionx wheel and a new chain. Nothing was real diffuclt it just took a good bit of time. I have included 4 image of the process and here is a LINK to all of the images. The aluminum adapter for the 26" wheel modification fit so tightly that I had to use the screws that attach them to pull them into place - they took some paint off while doing this - one may remove them and convert the trike back to a 20" wheel but there will be some missing paint - it am sure they need to be this tight to work. Well Turtle and I are ready to Ride Againif we can just get the December weather to coorperate - Snow and rain predicted today and tomorrow. I asked Turtle how she liked her new 26" rear wheel and she said if it helps us go faster it is OK but she is worried that it makes her look like her but is fat - lol.

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