Sunday, February 12, 2012

26.2 with Donna Marathon

Good race. I finished my first attempt at a full marathon. It was extremely cold at the start - around 28 degrees and the start time was 6:30 AM so it was still very dark also there was a about 15 mph wing that got worse during the day at least until we turned south on our return. I started with Jon and Meri who were pacing the 6 hour 30 minute group. They did their job well and really helped me. Bert was not running today but did travel around the course and met us at several location along the way to cheer us on and supply whatever we might need and to pick up items we wanted to get rid of. it was so great to see him and have him cheering me on, thanks Bert.

I had to make a potty stop after mile 8 and even though I tried I was not able to caught the group again so I turned on my tunes and started doing the same 30/45 intervals I was doing when in the group. I was doing well but was still caught by Eric and the 7 hour pace group after mile 20 - I was able to keep up with them sort of but lose them in spite of my efforts not to between mile 23 and 24. I was doing fine but just getting very tired. Eric and his helper did help me and got me to and across the first bridge. Once again Eric did help me and I enjoyed running with them. While running with them I switched to the 20/40 interval they were running and ran it the rest of the day. Just after passing mile 25 I saw a runner running the wrong way and was wondering why anyone would be running back across the bridges, I had seen several folks walking bcd over them with their medals but this guy was running. It was Jon, he had finished his pacing duties and turn around and ran back to run me in, Meri also ran back and we caught her at about mile 25.5 - I have no words to explain how great that was. I knew I was going to finish by that tine but having these two friend come back to help me after finishing their own marathons was amazing and did help a lot. I had several goals today number one finish, did that, finish between 6 and 7 hours hopefully around 6:30 hours, did not do this but I am not displeased with my time, third run the whole race, this I did. It was a good day. I am tired, a bit sore but I have great friends and I am a Marathoner.

26.2 with Donna Marathon

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