Friday, January 15, 2010

First ride 2010

From my Forum post -

Got off work early to day - was just to much like I nice day to not ride - I have everything fixed or the upgrades on Turtle except for the seat position. It is not the same as the old seat and I am not sure how to make so but I will keep working on it.

Got in a nice little 20 miles ride this afternoon and I feel OK about riding now. GPS

I plan on riding and will most likely do the 34 - I have not ridden until this afternoon since Dec 6th, My legs feel great right now and I am not tired but I am worried about the seat position not feeling right - it is does not give me trouble I may attempt the 50.

More about how I feel about the changes to Turtle in my Blog.

There is something different about the Chromo-Molly seat frame - I can not see it but I can feel it. WIth it as far back as it can be attached to the trike fram my leg extension is still too short and it is much less reclined that the old frame when I have it reclined as much as I can. IF the boom was longer I could move the seat more forward and solve this problem.. THe way I want to try to lengthen the boom is by adding some length to the post where the boon attaches to the trike.

The 26" wheel adapter kit seems to be working well and having a 26" rear wheel seems like it will make a great deal of difference.

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