Saturday, January 16, 2010

Slow Spokes - Saltbox Village 34 miles - first group ride of the year

From my forum post -

Had a great ride - only did the 34 but it was what I planned - need to build some miles back in the body. Turtle preformed well the 26" rear wheel makes a lot of difference we were going about 22 and I asked Bryan what gear I was in - he said it looked like the third to the smallest - which is great I was at my cursing cadence and I had two higher gears still left - I use to ride most of the time in my highest great and still could only pedal up to 20 to 21 mph. We had a real nice starting with 14 and at least one new rider. Looking forward to better weather and riding more.

My GPS data is HERE

My pictures are HERE

More in a bit - nap attack now -

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