Sunday, November 13, 2011

OBX Half Marathon

I had a really good run - I went out a bit faster than I usually do and was feeling pretty good so I tried to maintain that pace and did very well - I have never tried to run that a pace that fast for anything close to this distance but I did very well - I PRed by 12 minutes which is so cool - after the race I did not get light headed so taking a half of a blood pressure pill on the day before a race and none the morning of the race maybe an answer tot that problem - I talked one doctor about trying this but will talk to the other one also - it was really tired after the event and sat at the finish line for about an hour and a half when I did a lot better and was able to then visit with my friends and stay until the marathon finished came it - I was very glad to be able to do this and to see my friend Emily complete her first marathon. I am tired but feeling pretty good - I have also really enjoyed sharing with all my friends here about my and their runs - truly a excellent event and a great trip!

OBX Half Marathon

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Lesley said...

Congratulations again, Ashby! Great race!