Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tango classes

I went to my second Tango class last night since I started taking them again - I had to stop for a while over a year ago due to a knee injury.
My first class was not so great - I had forgotten a lot and felt awkward. To my great satisfaction I had no trouble getting tired but really enjoyed the class I just was not dancing well at all but I still liked it.
There were two of the regulars there who I remember from before, they remember me and welcomed me back. There were five students and two regulars there - one couple was just there to see if they wanted to do the classes. Jason was just as good of an instructor as I remember - he really is so very good I wonder if he knows how good he is.
The second class I did better I was dancing a little better and was a bit more comfortable - I think being comfortable or relaxed is important. There were three students this week the couple from last week did not return. We also had three of the regulars this week. We seemed to work on things I really need to work on and it helped me a lot - I do not think he would setup his class just for me or anyone one student but he does seem to work on things I need - maybe I just need everything - lol. Class went well - I learned some but still have so much to learn and get comfortable with. Once again I was not tired or worn out by the end of class. It is interesting that the next morning my legs were a bit stiff mostly in the quads so I must be doing something with the muscles of my legs which is different then when I walk and cycle and it that it true it is great.
Looking forward to next week - final class for Foundations 1 - I plan on doing Foundations 2 and doing at least one private lesson - I really want to master cross step doing it, moving to it and back to parallel so that it is seamless.
If you are interested in social dancing you should try Tango and Jason. His website is HERE

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