Saturday, October 31, 2009

Habitat Hollween Ride

I had a good ride but the weather was poor - it was not really raining but there was a mist for most of the ride - I have never been wet for so long except for when I was SCUBA diving - I guess I am too old and fat to go SCUBA diving again - I plan to be thin enough to make it possible but I am not sure about the age/health problems and SCUBA diving. I still have all my SCUBA gear - just in case - I enjoyed the route and would love to do it again with good weather - The Habitat people did a really good job with the ride organization - the rest stops were excellent and everyone was real nice in spite of the weather - the last 14 miles I got better at least the weather was better - I would do this ride again.

I usually allow myself to have a cookie or two when doing rides like this otherwise I do not have them at all but today I had trouble. I will usually only eat one or two per rest stop but today I was eating four or five for the first three rest stops - I am not sure why may be because the weather was so poor and the ride was not real enjoyable - by the forth rest stop I got myself together and ate nothing but a piece of orange and some water and at the last stop I ate two. I would think after a year I would not have this sort of problem I guess it is something I will always have to be mindful of. I ate two barbecues after the ride - I should have only had one but I was very hungry and it was real good. The rest of the day I made an effort to eat a little less.

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