Saturday, February 20, 2010

First ride Turtle 2

I got to Greenfield about 11:45 and was riding for noon or so I think. The GPS shows a history for the ride but when I ask it to download it say it does not see any new activity. So here's my data.

Distance 20.22 miles, 2:10:13 riding time, average speed 9.23 mph. Not all that great but close to what I expected. I rode as hard as I could having my heart rate in the 140s during the climbs. I only stopped once at 6 miles to remove some clothes because I was too warm. I did the rest to the loops none stop I really hurt toward the end of the ride - my seat is still to up right and I am not use to riding. I have a lot of work to do.

I did see and meet another cyclist out there and we chatted for a while. Mike was a nice guy and was riding a nice looking Trek US Postal bike. I was a bit surprised to see someone else out there riding.

If I can get the GPS to download my data I will add a like and maybe a picture of Turtle 2.

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