Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ken & Jen's Excellent Adventure

Met my new friends Ken and Jen, two Terratrike owners/riders, at their home in Sanford and we had a real nice 35 mile ride in the country side around Sanford.

Ken and Jen are about two weeks away form a 7000 mile trike adventure. They are planning to ride coast to coast plus a bit extra with the intent to raise awareness of benefits to our fellow man that the simple act of being an organ donor can have. You may read about them and follow their journey HERE.

Ken and Jen were on a training ride and I joined them for fun. Since Ken was going to be pulling his BOB trailer with about 70 pounds of their gear in it and Jen pulling her BOB with Simon in it I decided to bring my Burley trailer just so we could be quite a site and I believe we were. My trailer was empty and I just wanted to see how it would do behind Turtle. Turtle thought she was cute with her Burley. I got the Burley about the same time I got Turtle planning to do some touring myself someday and someday I will but I dough I will ever do 7000 miles.

For me this was also a ride to see how I would do. It is the first time I have ridden over 20 miles without the Bionx and in some reasonable hills. I did pretty well, got a little tired toward the end but I did expect to. I was able to climb the hills slowly but without any real problems - I even lead some of the climbs but I did not not have any weight in my trailer. We made two stops so I did over 4 hours on the trike with just two short stops. I still have a good ways to go but it seems doable and I am making progress.

My pictures from the ride are HERE

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Ken and Jen said...

Hi Ashby! GREAT POST! We had a blast! Jen and Ken