Sunday, February 28, 2010

Three Greenways in Raleigh

Took Turtle to the parking lot of the University at the corner of Gorman St. and Western Blvd. I got on the Greenway there which I think is the Reedy Creek Greenway but I am not sure because the sign just say Capital Area Greenway. I next got on Walnut Creek Greenway which now connects to the one I was one and it did not use to do so. Then a ways down Walnut Creek I found a Greenway named Rock Creek Greenways I believe and I had not seen it before also it looked brand new.
I had a tail wind most of the way out which meant I had a head wind on the return trip. None of the climbs on these Greenways are very long but a few can be very steep. One I was doing was 6% and went to 13% for a real short stretch at the top of the climb most of them were about 3%. I only orde 20 miles but it really wore me out.
I only took three pictures and they included here. One is just a portrait of Turtle ready to go. Another is Turtle showing off her Donate Life thingy. I keep telling her it is a key chain but she insists it is a zipper pull - maybe she is right. The third is my chain failure. I can not believe I broke the chain again. I have broke this chain three time so counting the original master link I use to put it on it now has four master links. I wonder how much force it is suppose to take to break one of these chains and am I really able to produce that much force or is there something wrong with this chain.
GPS not back yet so no GPS data today.

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