Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beginner Ride/Meet the Cycle Surgeon

This was very interesting for me because it was the same route but from a different starting point for the first Slow Spokes ride I had done. I had improved at this time to the point where I was worried it would not be enough riding for me so I arrived about an hour and a half early and rode some on my own before everyone else arrived - the good part was I did fine both with the little hills and the extra ride time - the bicycling maintenance clinic was great also - my post ride comments -

I had a good ride and I enjoyed the training session - I have worked in a bike shop, built my own bikes and maintained my own and my wife's before she was my ex-wife bicycles for a long time but I still learned some things from Matt. He both seemed to know his stuff and was able to teach it to others. Thanks. The ride was good - the rain teased us a bit but we did not really get wet. I liked this starting place better than Lucky 32. We only got two loops in but I had gotten there early and did a bit before the ride so I got 21.6 miles in.
GPS Data here,
Ride photos here,
Clinic photos here.

My weight today was 367.6 pounds

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