Sunday, April 26, 2009

My First Team CBC ride - almost

My comments about attending the ride

Turtle is riding the 42ml - my be a tiny bit long but the 26ml is too short so I will see what I can do - I have ridden over 50ml already this year so I should be OK. I am pleased I finally get to do one of these rides.

Why I almost made the ride - :(

Well my first ride with CBC was short - went there and left with the 10:30 group but only got to the second turn when my chain broke - it only has 600 miles on it. Tried to fix it but gave up and went home - real sorry to miss the ride and meeting and see you all after the ride - I will try again next time. I am home now - will eat lunch - fix the trike and try to do a local Garner ride.Well not much of a day for riding but not a bad day working on the chain.
I decided to clean it thoroughly and this is what I found! CLICK HERE
I only got one picture but here it is. CLICK HERE

Pugslyyy reported to me that the link to the images was not working - I fixed it and here is my reply and comments to him. -

Sorry Puglyyy I had the permissions set wrong - please try again and let me know if it works.
Here is the LINK again.
Man I am bummed I missed that ride - I still want to ride but it is still 90 degrees here in Garner.
I am planning on Raven Rock next weekend (at least I think it is next weekend - I may have to get a planner to keep track of the rides) but hope to be there for May 10th.
OK - well I did get a short ride in. When I use to ride in Louisiana about 10 years ago I would have called this kind of ride a Burner - if there is a more accurate term let me know. For me a Burner was a ride where one had limited time for some reason so one would ride as hard and fast as possible until out of time. That is what I did. I did it on Timber Dr and Hammond Rd - out and back - full length of the two roads.
Click HERE for my GPS data and track.
This was a nice run and not bad traffic this evening.

My weight was 363.7 pounds today.

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