Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friendly Kenly Revised route

My post ride comments -

Real real nice ride today Cyclepath folks - thank you - another nice ride. Great people, great weather, good roads, pretty area and I was feeling good today on the trike. The trike seemed to be preforming better today - I have been having some stability problems above 27.7 mph and today I had it over 28 mph a number of times and it felt solid. I have been working on it, I have made number of adjustments maybe I got it, I am waiting until I can take it over 35+ mph and not have trouble before I will be satisfied. I only got up to 29.6mph today.

I feel a nap attack coming on - later.

My GPS data here.
My pictures are here.

Looking forward to doing it again on the 6th.

My weight today is 362.6 pounds

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