Friday, May 1, 2009

I will do anything but not ride!!!

OK now I remember why I did not comment about the ride of 4-30-09 - I had gotten the email the following comment was about -

I did not have a good ride tonight, it was my own fault, there was nothing wrong with the ride, the people on the ride or even the weather it was great. First let me say this first since I have started riding again everyone I have met has been really great and I appreciate everyone except one. Last Monday night I got a personal email from someone who's email address was - they did not sign the email and when I replied to the email I got a 'no address found' error so the account no longer exists. The email was long and said things like I should not be annoying the real cyclists trying to ride the toy tricycle and getting in way of real cyclists. To who every wrote me I am sorry you feel this way but I have no intention of not riding. I did not have a good ride tonight because I let this effect me, my fault, I will not do that again. I will do whatever I can to not have a negative effect on anyone else's ride but stop riding. I have found out that DF riders cannot draft behind me because I am so low to the ground. If I am riding with a group I will usually be at the back of any group because of the drafting thing. If while riding you come up from behind and want to join the group just pull to my left side and I will make a space for you - no problem. If you just do not like recumbents or trikes well I am sorry but theses are what I ride and I am not going to stop riding.

Though I was not seeking them I got a lot of email replies saying that they had no problem riding in the groups with me and my trike and that I was welcome - I can to express how much that helped. My comments to part of the support messages -

I want to thank everyone for their comments and support. I had not expected all the support comment I just wanted to state the only way I knew how that I am not going to stop riding.Sorry I missed the rides Saturday and Sunday. I really wanted to do the Raven Rock Ride - I hope it was good. I was home sick all weekend and Monday - back to work half day Tuesday. Not sure if I will try to ride Thursday - also the trike is sick - the wheel that Pugslyyy pointed out Thursday evening that was wobbling had a broken spoke I found out - I had to have a spoke made for it - 20" wheels - short spokes - Thanks to the guys at FlyCycling. I still have to true the wheel then reassemble the trike - will have to see hope much I get done after dinner tonight.

Once again I want to thank everyone for their support.

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