Sunday, May 10, 2009

Team CBC 42 miles route almost

These are my comments after the ride - I still have not managed to do the 42 miles route
What a great ride and good time after the ride - was a real pleasure - thanks Team CBC.

I had planned on doing the 42 mile but do to an error several of us ended up doing the 26 miles - oh well now I have done the 26 so next time it will be the 42.

On the Thursday night ride before this ride Pugslyyy had notices and pointed out to me that one of my front wheels had a wobble to it - he asked how it was after I had repaired it - this was my reply -

Yea Puggs the wheel seems to be running true. Thanks for pointing it out to me - I did notice the I can already see some wear on these tires - only 700 miles on them but they are carrying me - guess I will be replacing them about mid Summer. I am planning to ride SS Thurs, Bike with the Band Sat. and Team CBC Sun - hope to see you at some of them.

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