Saturday, June 27, 2009

Selma Cyclepaths - Antioch Curch route B 44.1 miles

My post ride comments -

I had a really good ride - at this point I have to just accept the fact that I can not pedal the trike faster than 21 mph with the gearing I currently have - I hope to improve the gearing.
Once again WELL DONE Selma Cyclepath. A well done well supported training ride. Turtle had her first flat today at 1300 miles.
I really like the route some really good and mostly good roads. The worst road is Thanksgiving - I really do not like the southern part of that road - it is like riding on a wash board - I know there is no other route but I wish there was.

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I have spoken with two suppliers of the Slump(sp) High Speed drive, the thing I have on front of my trike in place to a derailleur and triple chain ring. I has a 27 tooth chain ring on it so in regular drive it acts just like having a 27 tooth chain ring, one revoultion of the cranks turn the chain ring once but in high speed drive each revolution of the crank spins the 27 tooth chain ring 2.5 times. This gives me 168 gear inches but with the 20 inch rear wheel and a max cadence of 75 I can only get 22 miles per hour out of the trike and 75 is a bit too high for me I want to be able to pedal 23 to 25 mph at about a 60 to 65 cadence in the 13 to 14 tooth rear caessette ring. One of the suplies says he has a adapter for the High Speed drive that will allow one to use a bunch of different chain rings - I am waiting to hear back from him.
Turtle had her first flat today - it was shortly after leaving the rest stop. It took me a while to find the leak so I could check the tire but I did find it - it was almost dead center of the tire and in one of the thicker pieces of the tread. I have no idea what I might have hit but when looking at it - it looked like a knife point was stuck just far enough in to the tire to nick the tube. I could find nothing in the tire but the hole so I put in a new tube and was pumping it up when the sag showed up - he had a real pump - many thanks for that by the way - I had pumped and pumped with my little pump and had only gotten it up to 60 psi - I could have likely ridden on it at the pressure but it was nice to get it up to 105 psi.
The rest of the ride was nice but after standing by the road for about 12 minutes when I got back on the trike my legs seemed tire and I had to ride a miles or two before I could get normal power out of them

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