Sunday, June 7, 2009

Team CBC ride 42 miles route

My post ride comments -

I had a good ride - once again I was not feeling as well as I would have liked but I enjoyed my ride. I left almost as soon as I got back because my sister was in town visiting and we were having a cookout. This ride has been eventful each time I have ridden it. The first attempt I broke a chain, the second attempt I got on the wrong route and end up more or less doing the 26 miles route, today my rear wheel came half way off during a climb. I was able to finish the climb and did not know what was wrong with the trike just knew it did a funny wobble during the climb. I got off the trike and had to look at it a bit to find the problem - I am glad I did find it and was able to fix it and finish the ride. Was nice to see everyone today.

My GPS data here
My pictures are here

The trike is named turtle. Thursday night after the ride several people told me that I should rename it - that it is not slow. Turtle got her name when I first got her and a lady friend, who does not ride unfortunately, saw her and told me it looked like a turtle, the trike has been Turtle ever since. I had a talk with her, Turtle, on the drive home and she said she likes the name - so - Turtle rides again.

My weight today is 360.2 pounds

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