Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well good morning Blog

Low blood sugar again in the middle of the night 3:45 AM - I am ok I have eaten something it just makes me feel poorly for six or more hours - not sure why but it is annoying, Guess it is time to lower my insulin again - I am taking 180 ml twice a day and will lower it to 170 ml twice a day. Since I have not been losing weight I am a bit surprised by this, I am also not sure why I am not losing I am excersizing like I have been and more if anything thing - I now wear two 2.5 pounds weight one on each leg all day and another 2.5 pound set of weights one on each arm when I walk - they were pretty noticeable when I started them but not too bad now, I am staying with my new eating style - I hate the term diet because people start and stop diets and I do not plan to ever change my eating style again, Well getting sleepy again - good night.

My weight today 1s 358.4 pounds

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