Monday, March 1, 2010

Weighing problem

Seem like since I have been working on getting fit and losing weight the my day is not really bad if I do not lose something but is better when I do. This is likely a problem also but for now I am just working on fittness and weight lose.

I had a pretty good week inspite of the weather over 3 days I rode 67 miles and walked 8.94 miles 4 days.

I have a new low weight this morning.

This morning I weighted 343.0 pounds 67 pounds lost so far.


Paulo Vaz (aka Galamor) said...

"most likely no one will ever read it but I am writing it for myself anyway."

Hi! im no one and im reading it... so stop assuming things about no one. :p

Congratulations in your loss. U know... i used to be a biker 2, here in Rio de Janeiro.

BTW loved your ride... maybe that wont be bad for my lower back.

TC and GL.
keep it going!

Ken and Jen said...

Hooray! Great work, Ashby! I love how aware you are of what you eat, and how hard you work on getting your exercise. Your intelligent determination is a success in and of itself and your weight loss is a result of that! Keep on rockin! Jen and Ken