Monday, May 28, 2012

Team CBC Brewery Ride

Good ride - it was nice and fun to do a Team CBC ride and to ride from the Brewery again - I was doing a recovery ride - a piano ride - I rode with Meri - we had a nice ride - the weather was good a bit hot but mostly cloudy - I was riding Turtle2 and she preformed well but I got me to decide to work on finishing working on the conversion of Turtle3 to Bionx - I have finished the wheel a couple of days ago - I worked out a way to mount the battery and mounted it and the console - took her for a test ride - I need to order a console cable extension so I can move the console to the right side - everything else is working fine - I hope to have her finished and on the road this or next week -

Team CBC Brewery Ride by ashby3

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