Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Firecracker Ride 2012

Good ride but also sort of a failure - I was never feel that well even before the ride but hoped I would improve - I was pushing as hard as I could from the start and only was able to average 13.7 - at the rest stop I ate half a banana with a little peanut butter on it - washed the sweat off my face - went to the potty drank a little and hit the road again - to my surprise I was feeling a lot better and was able to ride most of the time at a pace of about 20 mph - in the last 2 miles before the second rest stop I started to feel poorly again - again at the rest stop I ate a half a banana and went to the potty - as I came out of the potty I realized I was very light headed and not feel well at all - I decided to ask for a ride back to the start - this was very hard for me to do - I hate to not finish a ride, run or race but something was just wrong - this should not have been difficult ride for me - I got a ride back with Gary a friend and Ham that was doing support for the ride - thanks Gary - I never felt too hot - I am still feeling pretty poorly - not sure what is wrong - very frustrated! - also I forgot to turn off the GPS so the data and map is all messed up - sorry -

Firecracker Ride 2012 by ashby

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