Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lunch Time Walk

Good walk and the first time I have done any exercise in two and a half weeks - I blacked out and fell after a training run and have not felt well or stable enough on my feet to run or walk since - today I had the second good day in a row, my ribs which were hurt in the fall and healing and only a little sore now - I am not walking as well as I did before the fall but am doing better - I really enjoyed the walk I wish I could have been running but not yet - I was walking as fast as I was able and am a bit disappointed at how slow my pace is - it was 80 when I started and 82 when I finished but the sun was behind some clouds and it was not bad out today - I did not fell tired, or spent after the walk just slow - well it is at least a start :) I checked my blood pressure after the walk and it was 141/85 not great but not too bad

Lunch Time Walk by ashby

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