Saturday, July 7, 2012

Galloway Training Run #8

This is hard for me to write - today for the first time I had to turn back and cut short a Galloway run - I had some sort of problem and had to make the decision to turn back early during the run - I was feeling very drained - I just had no energy or power after a nights sleep and eating normally - it was very hard for me to do - I got back to my car and sat for a while - I got to feeling better so I went out to ran a bit more got to feeling poorly again and went back to my car again once more I recovered and went out to run more - I got back to my car tired but not feeling bad but I should not have been this tired after only 5.5 miles - I rested a little in my car felt better got out and got light headed so I leaned against my car - the next thing I remember I am trying to get up from the ground asking who ever was trying to check me out why I was on the ground - I have no memory of the fall - I was told I fell like a tree not making any sort of attempt to break the fall - I do not know what was wrong with me - I felt like my blood pressure was low but when the Medics took it twice and it was high - I am concerned - I have not been feeling right for at least two months - I have setup a appointment to see my doctor Tuesday morning - I want to be able to run again -

Galloway Training Run #8 by ashby

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