Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello blog,  been a while since I wrote to you except for recording my training.  Guess my life has been pretty good and there was not a need for someone to talk to.  I am so frustrated - since the fall after the Galloway truing run I have been having trouble walking - no one even my doctor seems to believe me because I assume they can see me walking.  But it is not the same, before the fall I could just walk without having to think about it.  Now I have to think about ever part of the process and I never fell steady on my feet.  I fell like one feels when trying to carry something heavy over ones head, not something too heavy to carry but something that messes with your center of balance.  I cannot image being able to run like this.  Also I have having a lot of trouble with depression and since I cannot walk, run or ride I do not know what to do - I find I am hiding in Middle Earth - at least I enjoy being in there.

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