Saturday, November 10, 2012

OBX Outer Banks 8K Challenge 2012

Real good race - ran with Meri and Emily started Marjorie, Rebecca but their pace was a bit faster - was pleased with the pace we ran doing the same pace Sunday will be great - felt good and ran well - had a lot of fun - Jon ran back up the route after finishing his race and join us to run in with it - such fun - feeling good looking forward to Sundays Full - I ate a piece Quest bar at mile 2.75 to test how I would do and I had no problems or ill effects I even seemed to get a little boost by mile 4 - going to try them taking a piece and a macadamia nuts to add more fat - I am really hopeful that this will work for me - it is about shower and nap time -

OBX Outer Banks 8K Challenge 2012 by ashby

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