Thursday, November 22, 2012

Skinny Turkey Half Marathon 2012

Real good race - I had a good race not as fast as i had hopped but still a good race and it was very well put on - they started on time - the streets were not closed but they had traffic control where it was needed and they had good water stations - all of them when I was there were stocked and maned but happy, helpful folks - the router was well marked and pretty - the medal is very nice and looks good and in addition to that we also got a nice hat when we finished  - the t-shirts look good and fit also we got socks and arm warmers - a very impressive race - I would recommend it to everyone - one thing this was a very hilly router but it is doable and beautiful to run - we also had great weather - I will likely run this again - my fuel, Apricots, worked well - I had just a little gas about 7 minutes after only some of them - I had not stomach problems and no brain fog - I finished feeling well - I was slower than I had hopped to be but I think this was due to how hill the route was - I am going to get some Tums to see if I can use those while and after I run to help with the gas from the carbs - this does seem like progress - I ate the first one at 52 minutes then one every 30 to 45 minutes after that - I took a caffeine pill at mile 9, 10 and 11.7 - no problems or pains

Skinny Turkey Half Marathon 2012 by ashby

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