Friday, January 20, 2012

Museum of Aviation Half Marathon

Good race but not one of my better ones. There was nothing wrong with the event if fact it was a very well setup, organized and run event. The course was good, almost flat and almost no traffic - enough aid stations and each had happy, helpful people at them. So it was a nice event. The problem was I had gotten healed up from so pain in my left knee and was looking forward to attempting a PR, it was a cold but clear morning and I was feeling great and was running in the 12s and 13 for the early part of the run. Around mile 5 I got a pain down in my stomach - I have never had stomach pain before - it got worse and I was feel really poorly but still not sure what was wrong - I finely stopped at a Pot-a-let just to see if that might help - I did not seem to have that need but something was wrong - that did help but my strength and energy were gone. I never thought I might have to DNF but I was not fell very well at all. During the last mile I have to take extra walk breaks and had no kick at all when finishing and this is just not normal for me. My time was not terrible and my pace not real bad but they were worse than I was hopping for and expecting to do. I do not know why I worry about this stuff I am so slow it really does not make any different. The only thing I can think of that might have contributed to my problem was I ate the food from the hotel instead of my regular before race meal - I will not do that again. After the race instead of walking around a bit like I usually do I was feeling so poorly I went and sat down and waited for Jon to finish his Full. When I got up I had a terrible pain in my left calf, right down the middle and from the knee halfway down. I have no idea what happen - it did not hurt during the run or while I was sitting just when I stood up. If fact I had not pain or problems except the stomach thing. I al looking forward to the Tinker Bell and I am planning to take all of next week off to recovery and heal up - I hope this is the right thing to do - I will just have to see.

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