Saturday, June 5, 2010

Galloway Training run 2

I am such a wimp - this was really hard for me - the last mile I had to walk - my heart rate was up in the upper 140s and would not come down even when walking. I really want to do this and I am not discouraged but I am disappointed with how poorly I am doing. My heart rate has settled down to the 80s but my usually resting rate is 50 to 57 and I am so tire so worn out. I had planned to ride after the run, dumb idea also I had planned to get gas and food after the run and ride. Well I did get the gas and food but it was really hard I was not feeling well and was just so worn out. Note to self do not plan anything after runs for now - maybe later I can do that. I do miss riding on Saturdays but I need to push myself and riding does not do that like running does. So for now recover so I can ride with CBC Sunday. My feet are also hurting - I cannot blame them. I read that when one runs one puts four times ones weight on your knees and feet. So that means over 1290 pounds hitting them on each step. I am not feeling bad now just tired but my heart rate is still too high - upper 80s right now and I am just sitting and typing it should be lower in the 60s at least. I am going to monitor it this afternoon.

Time: 01:30:40
Distance: 4.15 mi
Elevation Gain: 165 ft
Calories: 852 C

Magic mile 1.03 miles @ 16.39 minutes. I came in dead last but I had only one goal when doing it and that was to run the whole mile and to finish it and I did that.

One good thing today is a new low weight of 326.2 pounds that puts me a 84 pounds lost.

Galloway Training run 2 by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

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