Friday, June 11, 2010

Walking and workout at Rex

I got to Rex about 15 minutes early and started my walk on a treadmill, then John took me through about eight different exercises and talked with me about form and what each was doing and what it should do for me. I was hard but I expected it to be hard when I start this. For the first time I have a problem with a foot when I go finished with my shower I was drying and examining my feet which I do almost daily I found a blister like thing on my little toe that also seemed to have some blood in it. It does not hurt - nothing on the outer layer of my feet hurt that is why I try to be careful with them and examine them so much. I really want to do the Galloway run Saturday - I know my foot will not hurt but am I going to do damage to it - I am determined to do this run so unless it get really bad this evening I will plan on running Saturday. I showed it to John because he asked me to talk to him about any problems and injuries(I doubt if he thought I would be doing it so soon) he asked me if I had changed my workout any and I had not but later I remember he had had me six sets of stair climbs as part of my work out and because of a knee problem I seldom us the stairs but I am not sure that is the problem. After my walk this morning and the lifting session I am not walking any more today - also to let the toe heal if it will. I am a bit tired after the workout and I will likely be sore Saturday but mostly upper body and that is just part of the process. After my next workout I will describe my exercises and the weights and reps I am going.
New low weight today - my weight is dropping so much right now I am almost worried about it but I have reduced my calories by about 500 per day and I am doing more or at least harder exercises so hopefully that is what is going on. My weight today is 321.5 for a total lose of 88.5 pounds - getting close to that 100 pound lose. I hope this is real and normal.

Time: 01:23:45
Distance: 2.17 mi
Elevation Gain: 4 ft
Calories: 685 C

Walking and workout at Rex with John by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

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