Sunday, June 13, 2010

Team CBC 72 miles ride

HOT HOT HOT did I say it was HOT actually it was about the same temperature as last Sunday but it was much more humid. Last week I did not have any problems on the ride - it was hot last week but it was dry enough that I was able to evaporate enough moisture to stay comfortable this week I just could not cool off. Many many times I have advised others to stop if they are having problems with heat - get out of the sun and do what ever you can to cool off - well I know it is not a real guy thing but I started seeing a large bright spot in my eye while riding and I felt terrible so I found a driveway with a tree hanging over it and pulled off in the shade. I did not have a lot of extra water so I did not pour any on myself but I did remove my helmet and drank some water and Gator-aid stuff I also ate a cookie. When I first tried I could not read my cycling computer to see what my heart rate was - by looking out of the corner of my eye I believe it was 147 which was high for riding on a flat at a about 15 mph. Within a couple of minutes I was better vision cleared and I felt better - in fact I was feeling fine. So I drank some more of the Gator-aid and put my helmet back on and took off slowly. Riding slowly on the flat was cooler than sitting under the tree because of the air moving by me from riding. A short distance up the rode I found Leah, Perry and Chris who I have been riding with waiting for me under a tree - I thanked them for waiting - apologized for delaying them and explained what happen - after assuring them I was OK we took off. I was really nice to have them wait but I did hate delaying them on such a hot day.
This was not a great ride for me - I still enjoyed it but I had some problems. Turtle was great she has been riding soooo well for a while now. About 20 minutes into the ride I got hypoglycemia again - I caught it pretty quickly and started eating my emergency food but I did have trouble believing it was happening. I had done everything correctly, I had eaten before the ride - taken my medications and insulin and I was eating already on the ride. This stuff is really annoying me. I was planning to wait until I had lost 100 pounds but I think I am going to contact my Doctor except for insulin which I do adjust I am still taking all the medications at the same dosage I was taking when I weighted 410 pounds. Seem like to me they would need to be adjusted or change or hopefully stopped.
The gathering after the ride was really nice - I was wondering if people would stay because it was so hot but a bunch did stay and it was fun and not too hot under the trees. I did eat pizza - I know I should not have but ti was good but I would have been just as happy with an Ashby Wrap - next time I need to make one and take it with me - I can always eat the food there if I want but I will have the option not to today I really needed to eat and pizza was the only choose. I could of left earlier but I really like those gatherings. There are cyclist there of course but there are also some of my running friends from Galloway and nOg. The running folks are so nice and some of them are talking to me about what race/run I am training for - I am just leaning how to run correctly and hopefully with out getting hurt. If I continue to improve with my running I may pick a rave/run to train for - goals are a good things - but I may pick some sort of event to train for - I have almost already run a 10K - not very fast but as I improve it may be possible. We will see.

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