Sunday, June 20, 2010

Run 1.5 miles loops from CBC - 6.1 miles

I did not blog about the MisFits Ride yesterday because I did not have GPS data and not much happened except that at about miles 35 all of the sudden Turtle started weaving all over the road. I had never had a flat on the rear but I was pretty sure that was what it must be. So I slowed down and when I was completely stopped reach back and checked the tire and it was soft. Removing the rear wheel from any Bionx equipped bike is difficult and the trike is even a bit harder. Mostly it is the weight and the two nuts one must carry a 15MM wrench to remove. I have all the tools and a spare tube so I got her off the road and set about my task. When tone of the SAGs came by and asked if I needed help I said yes mostly just in case I had trouble and I did have trouble. I had already gotten the wheel off and was removing the tire when he came by and he came to help me. with the tire off he got his floor pump and we put some air in the tube to find the leak so I could check the tire. The hole was easy to find and it was in a strange place. It was at the edge of where one could see the rim tapes impression on the tube on the inside of the tube. So I started looking at the rim instead of the tire and then we found the split rim and that was it - ride over - weekend riding over. They got a van and hauled Turtle and me back to the start. Transporting trikes is a bit difficult but this turned out not to be a problem. The one good thing about this happening on Saturday was that I was on a supported ride and help was close at hand.
In the past when something like this would have happened I would go just about crazy because I could not ride. I have found out that this is partly do to a real need to exercise that some of us develop once we had been doing it for a while. So what to do. RUN? Yes run. I had missed the Galloway Saturday run to do this ride and was going to make up the six mile run for this week Monday evening after work at the nOg run. Instead I meet the 8AM 72 and 42 mile ride groups at CBC and wished them well then started my run. It was still not too hot and I did pretty well. I had gotten on Google maps and plotted a loop course from the Brewery and Google said it was 2.1 miles around so I would do the loop three times for six miles. I ran the loops clockwise and did pretty well and was not completely destroyed when I finished the third loop only stopping once at the van once for liquids during the three loops. I was using my new CamelBak Rouge with one of the extra little bottles I attached to it for electrolyte drink and both of them worked very very well.. I really like this system and believe it will work well for me. Also I had no pain on my left hip near where the buckle of the other pack was. When I had finished I was pooped but doing OK so I went to the van got my chair and cooler with my low fat chocolate milk and Diet Mountain Dew and sat down to enjoy and relax. Once sitting but before I drank anything I checked my Forerunner and was quite surprised to see that it said I had only run 4.56 miles, I check my Edge 605 which I was mostly carrying for its maps and it agreed 4.57 miles. This was real annoying, I was tired and really comfortable but I was committed to doing six miles. I do not know how to explain how hard it was to get up, fold up my chair and put it and the cooler back in the van and go run another loop. This loop I ran counter clockwise and I had made the right choose the first time clockwise if the better way to run the loop. I believe I was only not running three minutes or less and only sitting about a minute so I do not think I messed up my run but I was hurting by the middle of the forth loop. I did finish and I did my minute walking minute running the whole run.
My feet are a little sore but either the shoes are helping or my feet are getting tougher or most likely a bit of both they just are not as sore as when I did the three mile run but they are sore. I wonder if everyone feet get sore. I wonder if mine will always get sore. I remember when I first started riding my legs would get sore but I have not had them sore from riding for a while, maybe my feet will continue to get less and less sore when I run as I run more.

Distance:6.10 mi
Elevation Gain:477 ft
Calories:1,734 C

Run 1.5 miles loops from CBC - 6.1 miles at Garmin Connect - Details

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