Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fortitude for First Descents Marathon 2012

Good race but much harder for me than I thought it would be - I finished but it took everything I had to do so.  The race was well done and the route was beautiful - there was about 2.5 miles of single or double track trail including a water crossing(well it was a 18 inch wide 3 inch deep channel across the trail) I did get my right heel wet the first time but figured out was way across the other three time with out getting wet - this race consisted of 4 - 6.57 mile loops - I ran the first three loops but could only walk the final loop - when I cross the start line for my finial loop most of the other runners were or had finished their race and everyone thought I was finishing my race so when I ran past they yelled at me - It was so hard to keep going I just raised my hand and held up 4 finger and kept on going - there were three water stations on the route - one at the start and one more at about 2 and 4 miles - during my third loop I asked each of the on route water station if they would be there in about 2 hours when I expected to be back there - each assured me that at least the water would be there - when I got to the two mile station no one was there but the water was so I went on - when I got to the 4 mile station after really suffering through the single track no one was there and neither was the water or at least I could not use it, I could see where they had poured it on the road and it was still running down the hill - I got on Facebook using Siri and asked Jon if he could get me some water - at about mile 24.75 he and a park ranger found me climbing the hill to the battery and had water for me - I finished but I am not sure how - I have never pushed myself this hard and I am still having trouble recovering - I am very tired - I will add more about this race in my blog -

Fortitude for First Descents Marathon 2012 by ashby

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