Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Once in a Lifetime 12-12-12 Half Marathon Race

Really great run - began with Jon, Emily and Eric - Jon and Eric took off after three loops - Emily and I ran together for the whole race - each loop was 2.17 miles so we ran 6 loops - I really enjoyed myself - Emily and I just had a great time running together - I really enjoy running Halfs - I would like to run Fulls but even though I find Halfs challenging they are very doable and Fulls are just pushing myself a bit too far at this time - I am still doing the Goofy but after that I will not likely do any more Fulls until I can improve my speed and I will be doing speed work after the Goofy - no problems or pains -

Raleigh 12-12-12 Half Marathon Race by ashby

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