Sunday, December 16, 2012

NCRC Soup Run

Good run - difficult for me but fun - I would like to do this some more but do need the right kind of shoe - my Kensei while wonderful on the road let to many of the irregular features, rooks and roots of the trail get to my feet - I also plan to get some Trek Poles - I think they would help me a lot with balance especially when descending and maybe climbing - I will have to try them and see - we had a nice group including - Meri, Bert, Jon , Emily, Sue, Geo among others - it was a 5 miles run but felt more like a 10 miler - it was a very pretty run - after the run they server some really good and hot stew and also veggie soup - there was also drink, bread and cookies - all in all a very nice event - no problems no pains -

NCRC Soup Run by ashby

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