Saturday, December 8, 2012

Upper Neuse River Green-way

Good run - a completely new trail for me - had a little trouble find the start area - we had a nice group this morning including Bert, Meri, Bo, Laura, Susan and tow other who's names I do not remember - I really need to do better at learning folks names - it was a very nice run and almost flat which was a bit of a surprise being in North Raleigh but the trail follows the river so that makes is flatish - I had intended to run about 8 miles but decided to try to keep up with Meri and the other folks who are faster than me - I did fairly well but did lose some ground in the last mile also I am running a 5K Sunday -  it was sort of strange I was trying to run faster but there seem to be a speed that I could not go past, it was a good bit faster than I usually run but I would have thought I should have been able to go even faster even for just a little bit but the was a place I could not pass - I wonder if there is something wrong or am I doing something wrong - no problems or pains - I was pleased that I did a faster than usually pace -

Upper Neuse River Green-way by ashby

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