Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Greenfield Parkway

Rode again last night - went to the Greenfield Parkway in Garner and rode with Winnie. We had a nice ride but I was so slow she was having to wait for me - she was very nice about it but is always brothers me when people wait - I always feel like I am interfering with their ride.

I only rode 7.9 miles Winnie rode 12 plus, my avg was 9.6 her was 10 something. When I turned to cut the second loop short I ran head first into the rain shower we had been playing cat and mouse with all evening, I got soaked, it is not a problem it was just interesting by Winnie doing the complete both loops she missed most of the rain and when I left to drive back home in Garner within .25 miles the road was completely dry. LOL

This is a nice place for trainning rides - the loop is a bit over 6 miles and even though I thought it was flat it is not there are three short but pretty steep climb between 5 and 7% and some roller - this also means there are some nice descents. There were at least half a dozen other cyclist out there and Winnie say sometimes there are a lot more. I plan to ride here more especially while I am trying to recover stamina and legs.

My Weight was 354.2 today

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