Monday, August 17, 2009

UPS finally delivered - only 48 hours late

My wheel was delivered at 11:47 this morning - I had to take off work to go home so it would not sit by my front door all day. Well at least it does seem to be working - took me about an hour to get a new tire on it, put the freewheel back on the get it mounted on the trike - used my Bionx tool for the first time - if I had not gotten it I would have been stuck because the tab was not in the right place for my trike. Rode just around the neighborhood - only rode 5 miles - got chased in by the rain. The wheel and the whole Bionx system seemed to be functioning correctly. I may try to ride it some more later and also want to try to ride the Brick Tuesday if they have one - I am not sure where it is now.

UPS called and their excuse was that in New Jersey the Saturday delivery sticker was missed and it got sorted into the packages for Monday delivery. They said it was human error and that they were sorry. I have problems with this for several reasons but I am sure that is all they will say. My problems are these: According to the scans on their website the package never went to New Jersey - it went from Canada to New York NY, Raieigh so how did it get miss sorted in New Jersey also from my limited knowedge or their system they bar code everything and the bar code has the package number on it and each time it is scanned a computer tracks where it is and knows where it is going and when it is due to be delivered - once again according to their website it was on time, in transit and due to be delivered on Saturday. Sounds funny to me.

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