Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shearon Harris - 40 miles NCBC Summer Rally route

From my forum post -

What a great ride for me - 18.1 average a new personal best for rides over 12 miles. My GPS data says 14 something but the GPS was not auto pausing as it was suppose to - you can see the gaps where we stop and it keep running. I really did not feel like getting out of bed this morning either but I am glad I did. I rode 40 miles Saturday at Greenfield and was wondering how I would do - well for me I did amazing - I never completely lost the group but was off the back some - I caught the group on the flats several time after dropping off the back on climbs - the new gearing on the trike works - I kept trying to ride with the group thinking at some point I would fade but every-time I asked my legs to do something they just did - I was feeling well and riding fine.
My pictures are HERE

Well I figured out the problem with the GPS and have it set to Auto-Pause again so hopefully I will not have this problem with the GPS data being messed up by rest stops. I do not usually stop twice with this distance ride - maybe I should - I rode so well maybe the short stops and time off the trike helped more than I know - whatever the reason I was riding very well - if this keeps up the MS Tours should be a lot of fun - I am sure it will be fun but I was a little worried about the distance due to the time I missed training.
Man I took a lot of pictures on this ride - guess I was just enjoying being with or almost with the group for so much of the ride.
The trike was proforming well this weekend - I need to get the HT mount made and tested this week also need to find and check my tent so I can have it ready to give to Tim this Sunday.
Changing my food plan this week - I have not been losing weight lately - I am confortable with the amount of food I am eating now but my weight my have dropped to the point that I am eating too much to lose weight so I will make a small change a see if that helps.

My weight today 355.0 pounds

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