Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cardatic Catheration

Yesterday I had a Cardatic Catheration due to inclusives results from a Necular Stress test and an Echo Cardiogram.  I was pretty nervous about the procedure, I know it is pretty routine now but the idea of having something stuck in my and especial my heart freaked my out a bit.  The worse part turned out to be having two IVs put in. They only used one the other was just a safety measure. They went in through my right arm near my wrist and it is pretty sore.  The doctor told me they did not find any problems and no blockages.  They did not have to do any repairs. He said I have a little plack any he felt that would be improved by having me take a low dose aspirin every day.  When I had the stress test they thought I might have a blockage but he said I did not and when they did the stress they also did some sort of flow test which is an indication of how strong ones heart is.  The stress test gave a result of 49% which is low.  I was told it should be above 55% to be healthy and normal.  I was told that this test is now as accurate as they can get with the Catheration. It gave me a flow of 64% which I was told was very good. So the good new my heart is not just good but in very good shape for a man with my health history and of my age, the bad news I still do not know why I blacked out. I was told I can run Monday if I fell up to it.  I hope I do.

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