Sunday, August 26, 2012

Team CBC Brewery Ride

Good ride - not great but good is OK for now at least I am riding - Planned on riding 19 miles with Meri and whoever else was riding 19 - there was some confusion about the route - those of use wanting to ride 19 ended up doing 26 - I should have know more about the route so it was my fault - sorry Meri - the first part of the ride was very very hard for me - my legs just did not have any power - my big calfs felt like huge bags of sand - it was everything I could do to do 14 to 15 top speed - the group was great and just waited for me at turns - sorry they had to do that - we stopped at Duncan's for a break - I felt fine when I got off Turtle no dizziness or light headedness - I got a diet Dew for the liquid and Caffeine - I have no idea what changed but after that I had legs - I have no idea where they came from but I just felt like I could just go go go  - maybe it was the Dew or Caffeine or the break it was real nice to to feel like I could ride again - I had a little pain in my right backside but other wise no problems - Turtle preformed well - she is a joy to ride - I go to meet Beci who I have been talking to on FB for a while she was very helpful getting us back in a shorter route after we got off route -

Team CBC Brewery Ride by ashby

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