Thursday, August 9, 2012

Run at Symphony Lake Greenway

Good run, not great but good and my first run since blacking out after my run July 7th.  My doctors, yes I have several now still do not know why I blacked out but I was told I could run if I felt like it.  It was short and pretty slow but it was running. I did get a little light headed after the run but generally  felt good. Meri, Bert and Emily ran with me it was really great not to do this alone, I am sure it was pretty slow for them but it helped me, Emily brought Farsat, he seemed to like my pace.  My legs and feet felt really strange when I first started like they did not know what to do or how it should feel, I had had this same sort of feeling when walk a couple of weeks ago but I do not any more and as we ran each interval, we ran 1:1s it got better - the route is almost flat there were a few short hills, climbing was not a problem but descending felt uncomfortable - I expect this will also improve with time and running - So great to be running again and my depression is so much better today - my resting heart rate is still high and my blood pressure it still high most of the time for a while after the run is was mostly normal and even got pretty low for a bit - I really hope the doctors can fix this soon - still hopping to run Va Beach RR Half 9-2

Run at Symphony Lake Greenway by ashby

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