Thursday, July 2, 2009

A bit better tonight

My post ride comments -

Had a good ride tonight - I did not find it to be hot - I guess growing up around New Orleans changes what one feels is hot lol. I got dropped again by the fast group it took them a bit longer and once I knew I could not join the group I just stopped worrying about it and road as fast as I could. I am riding Friday since I am off and Saturday and Sunday if my body and legs can do it. My cycling computer which has my heart rate monitor in it died during the ride - hope it is just the battery

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I am really looking forward to the 34 tooth chain ring - I still may get dropped but I believe it will help - I spend almost the whole ride with the High-Speed drive in High and in the 11 tooth(my smallest) ring in the rear cassette - with the 34 I should be able to do higher speed at a lower rear ring and be able to use a lower cadence - at a lower cadence I will not tire as much and might have more left toward the end of the ride - I will just have to see.

My weight today is 356.0 pounds.

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