Saturday, July 4, 2009

First Night Friday ride - July 2009

Well this has to be one of them most unusually rides I have been on in a long time. I had a great time -Thanks Pugylyyy - I was way over dressed - I showed up for the ride in my regular cycling shirt and shorts also shoes - since I wear saddles all the time to ride my feet fit right in. This was a group of cyclist who ride a lot and some may have no other means of transport but most likely do not own a helmet. It was a very laid back group who were all very nice and pleasent to me even if I did not look like I belonged there and everyone seemed to like the trike. The ride meets more or less at 7 PM at the Bell tower(which has no bells I was told) on campus and the proseeds on a route not known until it is anounced to gallry or some other place of interest once there we enjoyed whatever was happening there then moved on to some other place. We made about five stops and took some very interesting routes around the city (see GPS track). I estimate there were about 75 of us maybe a few more. All in all a nice time and a lot of fun. If anyone reading this is in the area I hope you join us next month.

My GPS data is here

My Pictures are here

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