Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great ride and gathereing with Team CBC

My pre-ride comments -

Nice - looking forward to the ride - no commitments after the ride this week so I do not need to hurry off.
Turtle and I are doing the 42 not ready for the 72 yet beside we just love those hills
Good luck or break a leg or what ever one is suppose to wish all the Tri Triangle triathletes

My post ride comments -Cool

I had a good ride and it was the wrap of a good week of riding - I have done 142 miles this week. I will likely try the new 72 miles route next time - I am not ready to try 72 miles yet but 42 is a bit short - I have not checked the route yet but I have read I can bail out for a 47 and that is a little better than 42 and maybe I will see some new roads. It would be nice if there was a about at 52, 58 and a 64 or so - I will have to check the route once I create my GPS route.
I really enjoyed being able to stay for the gathering after the ride the food and people were both great. What a nice and different sort of event and group.
I arrived late for the 10:30 start - so I rode most of the day solo but I did caught up with a few and got some pictures on the road I also got some of the gathering after the ride. Also my GPS worked today Ya!

My GPS data is here

My Pictures are here

OK I have created three routes between 42 and 72 miles - a 48+, 55+ and a 63 mile routes. I used the 72 mile-July route as much as possible, the 48+ and 55+ only hit one SAG stop, the 62 hits two SAGs. I have created these for myself and have not driven or ridden the routes so I cannot be sure what the roads are like or even if they are there(once MapSource which I use with my GPS to create route showed a road that did not exist or at least did not exist any more) I use the GPX file format because it works best for me also I do not have anyway to create cue sheets. All mileages are generated by MapSource so actual millage may be different. I plan to ride the 48+ next time Team CBC rides.
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I should get the new 34 tooth chain ring for my crank. I really hope this does the trick for my speed problem with the trike. I really like the trike and I seem to have gotten the stability problems down to the point to where it is acceptable - I have done several plus 30 mph descents now with no real problems. Monday is my rest day so if they do come in it would be great - I can install them and not miss a ride. I really do not want to spend more money on the trike - I have a lot of money in it - I just want to ride now,

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