Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good afternoon Blog

Well I finally got someone to agree to get me the parts and tools I need to modify the High-Speed drive on my trike so that the trike will have the ability to allow me to pedal it up to 30 mph if I am able at 66 cadence. This has taken a lot of time to figure out - I found a assemble/service manual to the High-Speed drive online on the Schlumpf website. Anyway I found out that all of the 3 chain-rings they sell will work on the HS drive and after doing some calculations with a Gear-Inch calculator - - that the 34 tooth chain-ring with the HS drive in high speed mode and the 11 tooth cassette ring would give me 154 gear inches equating to 30 mph at a cadence of 66. I cannot pedal this on a flat but it means I can continue to pedal on downhills and that I should be able to achieve 23 to 25 mph with a cadence of 60 to 65 and this is exactly what I am looking for. Also I should still be able to climb hills as the lowest gear will still be 20 gear inches and that is 3 mph at 60 cadence and 2 mph at 45 cadence. The trikes original gearing had a lowest gear of 18 gear inches and even through the HS drive allowed for a low gear of 15 gear inches I never used it it was just too low. Now the BAD news it is going to cost me about $200 for the parts and tools. This is pretty annoying to me since when I got the HS drive I thought I was solving this problem - I really hope this is it - I am spending too much money on bike stuff.

My weight today was 356.0 pounds - WOOT!

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