Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Ghost Bike ride

For any who might read this and does not know we lost a fellow cyclist last Saturday.

My post ride comments -


A good ride - I did appreciate the route change - I knew Bruce and had ridden with him - it was something I wanted to do to pay my respects to Bruce - I wonder if in this case RIP could mean 'Ride in Peace'. God Bless Bruce.

Turtle liked her new teeth. The trike is a very different animal with the new front chain ring. I am having to re-learn shifting gears on the trike - since I got the High Speed Drive I have spent about 90% of the time in the 9th rear gear and today I spent most of my cruising time in the 4th or 3rd gear - perfect just what I wanted. Several time I was able to pedal the trike up to 24+mph, I never got to 25 mph but I tried.

My GPS data is here

My Pictures are here

I had trouble with the Bionx tonight - I had worked on it after I got the HSD and had it setup to mostly just assist when I am climbing but changing the chain ring messed that up. I had to do this when I got the HSD because it was different than the triple chain ring. I really like having it just help me climb. I plan to work on it Friday and hope I can have her ready to rise for Saturday.
I am reducing my insulin again down to 160 units twice a day. Had hypoglycemia five times this week - almost passed out at work today after my walk.
I may have found a pool here in Garner - going to check it out Friday evening after work.

My weight is 356.4 pounds

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