Monday, July 13, 2009

Turtle has new teeth!

Turtle has new teeth - 7 to be exact. Utah Trikes came through for me - if you even have a need for something trike check them out.
It took me about an hour to remove the crank, shifter button and the 27 tooth chain ring then installing the new 34 tooth chain ring, crank and shifter button.
I then took her out for a short test run. Just around the house but unless she acts very differently on the road this change is going to really help.
Numbering the rear casette rings with 1 being the largest or 34 tooth ring and the smalles or 11 tooth ring I was able to peddle the trike up to 12 mph in the 3rd or 4th rear ring - before the change I was almost always in the 9th ring.
I hope I get to ride Tuesday with the Tri group the 17 mile ride would be a grweat test distance.

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