Friday, July 3, 2009


OK well I am not real sure what happened but I was going about 12 mph on the American Tobacco Trail riding my Vanguard recumbent then I was on my side sliding down the trail. I guess I will have to accept for now at least I still cannot balance well enough to ride either of my two wheel bikes. The Vanguard in now hanging in the garage. I broke the rear brake handle so I could not ride back even if I wanted to try. According to the GPS I had a total trip distance of 3.99 miles so I had to walk back 2 miles pushing the bike. I found out that bike shorts while great for riding are not that great for walking. My arm hurts but is not too bad. The elbow does hurt and not just where I am cut - I will have to watch that. I also have some small cuts on my left leg and I have a number of sort spots. During the walk back I got light headed a couple of times but seem to be OK now,
I still want to try to do the First Night ride tonight. I will just have to wait and see.

My GPS data is here

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