Sunday, October 25, 2009

ECG - East Coast Greenway RIde 10-24-09

Today I did a short ride on the Tabacco Train in Wake county. It was part of ECG program to promote the green-ways and their use. It was a nice little gathering there was a ride and a walk. I would estimate there were about 30 folks there for the event I believe we would of have more if the weather would have been better. I got the ride posted on and three other trike riders showed up. I meet and rode with Ron, Nance and Austin. Ron and Nance rode Greenspeeds, Ron's was a GTO not sure what Nance's was, Austin rode a Trice. It was the first ride for me with other trike riders. It was great.

My GPS data is HERE

My pictures are HERE

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Esther said...

Ashby, that sounds like lots of fun! Scott and I staffed a table at Cary Cycling Celebration, for NCBC and NCATA. I wished I were biking, because that would have kept me warmer!